Safer, Simpler, Speedier Recovery

Dropless Cataract Surgery at Advanced Vision Surgery Center provides a worry-free postoperative experience while also ensuring excellent results.

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What is Dropless Cataract Surgery?

Traditional cataract surgery, while effective, comes with a somewhat labor-intensive postoperative eye drop regimen. This regimen can be hard to follow perfectly, which can lead to a variety of recovery issues. Dropless Cataract Surgery (DCS) eliminates the need for these eye drops.

Save Your Time for Rest and Recovery

Patients who undergo traditional cataract surgery can use up to 500 eye drops in the month after their operation. Using a combination of three trusted medications, DCS provides effective cataract treatment while preventing infection and reducing inflammation throughout your recovery.

Safety Without the Schedule

Dropless Cataract Surgery provides the same safety and effectiveness as traditional cataract surgery. The medicines used in treatment are trusted by specialists across the nation, and allow you to recover comfortably without having to worry about a strict, frequent eye drop regimen throughout the day.

Specialists You Can Trust

The team at Advanced Vision Surgery Center is highly-skilled and experienced in DCS procedures, and uses some of the most sophisticated technology available. We’re thrilled to be able to provide a treatment that brings relief without the stress of a rigorous postoperative eye drop regimen.

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