Focused on Eye Surgery For The Front Range

At Advanced Vision Surgery Center, we specialize solely in eye surgery in order to provide an unparalleled experience and superior outcomes.

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Your comfort is always a priority.

Patient comfort and ease is not a luxury — it’s a necessity. Our staff takes a compassionate approach to accommodating each and every patient who visits our surgery center, improving overall experience and even surgery outcomes.

Your eyes are our only focus.

We know that “vision health” can mean a lot of different things, but at AVSC, we focus on one thing: eyes. Our nurses, and techs are all specially trained in eye surgery. Our surgeons use technology that was built with the sole purpose of caring for your eyes.

Efficiency is important, because you are important.

AVSC prioritizes having a caring staff that functions at a high level of efficiency and accuracy. While this adds to the general convenience of a visit, it also ensures that your valuable time is something that is recognized and respected.

Our specialized environment ensures quality care.

AVSC is built with our eye surgeons in mind. This means that our facilities, equipment, and protocols are designed to not only complement but enhance their knowledge and skills by giving them the freedom to focus only on what they do best.

At Advanced Vision Surgery Center, our focus is always on you.

Advanced Vision Surgery Center: Accuracy In the Moment, with a Focus on the Future

Our mission at Advanced Vision Surgery Center is to provide a specialized experience in a safe, welcoming environment. We do this best by supporting our surgeons, nurses, and staff in their individual specialties, and by focusing only on your eyes. Our state-of-the-art facility meets our physicians’ requirements for excellence, and fulfills our patients’ expectations for comfort and quality.

Our staff works to continually refresh their knowledge and skills to stay current on technical and scientific progress in health care. By staying abreast of new research, new products, and new ideas, our staff members refine their expertise
and work together as a team to modify and improve our activities and procedures.

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