Cataract Surgery Cornea Transplant Surgery Aimee Verner, MD Video Transcript

Cataract surgery is definitely the most commonly performed surgery that I do, which involves taking out the crystalline lens that we are born with and helps us focus, but as we age it becomes progressively cloudier and more opaque, so we take out the lens that folks are born with and replace it with an artificial lens. Some of the other bread and butter of cornea, which is not as commonly performed would be cornea transplants. There has been a huge shift over the last few decades from having to do an entire cornea transplant where we take off the entire cornea as a button and replace it with a donor button, to now being able to offer endothelial keratoplasty, which is just the innermost layer of cornea, and being able to transplant that into patient’s eyes. I love working in a multispecialty practice because I get to ask specialists in all the areas of ophthalmology their opinion on a condition in a patient. It is nice to be able to send patients to physicians that you really trust and you respect their opinion.

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