Retina procedures William L Benedict, MD Video Transcript

In retina, we do quite a few procedures. In our training we start learning surgery as an ophthalmology resident; not much retina, mostly doing cataracts, a few glaucoma procedures, some simple lid procedures. And then if you subspecialize, then you start training to do retina surgeries. This has been an area that has kind of revolutionized what we do for a lot of the diseases we deal with. In the office we are frequently injecting people. We do a lot of laser procedures as well. We treat people with certain macular diseases and retinal tears and diabetics using laser treatments. Beyond that, our surgeries that we do at the surgery center are over at the main operating room. These tend to be things for retinal detachments, hemorrhages in the eye. I have been operating for 25 years, plus another 6 years of training prior to that. The reason to be coming to somebody like myself for a retinal problem is because it takes a lot of expertise, a lot of specialization to do these procedures, and you need a lot of experience. Something that the more you do, the better you get at it.

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