Refractive Surgery LASIK Surgery PRK Surgery Laser Surgery Keratoconus Treatment Aimee Verner, MD Video Transcript

As a cornea specialist, we see a lot of keratoconus, so we do a fair number of collagen crosslinking here, which is where we basically strengthen the cornea so that it does not continue to get thinner and more cone-shaped. Other procedures are LASIK and PRK, which are both laser refractive surgeries to the surface of the eye to help improve the vision. Ophthalmology in general is a very happy specialty in medicine, and I am sure a lot of ophthalmologists say that the most rewarding thing obviously is being able to give people their sight back. If it is as simple as a cataract surgery and the patient being able to see or as complicated as a cornea transplant or even refractive surgery, it is just the biggest reward to have a patient tell you that their quality of life has improved because of something that you did.

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