Retina Surgery procedures Matthew W Manry, MD Video Transcript

The surgical conditions that we treat as a retina specialist involve things like floaters of the eye, a tractional membrane called an epiretinal membrane or a macular pucker, a macular hole, a retinal detachment, or a diabetic tractional detachment. A patient can expect from a retina procedure to have an outpatient surgery that usually lasts from 30 minutes to an hour, and you will be able to go home that day, and the follow-up is usually the day after. There is usually minimal to no pain associated with the procedures, and recovery tends to be a week, if less, of somewhat limited activities or some positioning. The surgeries that we perform are varied in complexity. For certain conditions like a macular hole or a retinal detachment, usually involve the insertion of a gas bubble in the eye. I am happy to be able to provide these services as an outpatient and am excited that we opened our brand new surgery center that is here in Longmont, and I believe that it can provide an excellent clinical center and ability to perform these complex surgeries.

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